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This is fundraising ON STEROIDS!

I was invited to be part of this amazing local community fundraiser. Thank you, Cindy Ernst of Stortz & Associates! This chapter of “100 People Who Care Of The Lehigh Valley” is starting with a bang!

One hundred (or more) local people come together three times a year to donate $100 each at each meeting. That’s $30,000 of donations to deserving local organizations. At our first meeting, 4/24/17, the three groups vying for the proceeds were the Bill Sugra Foundation, Emmaus High School Angel Network and the Alburtis Fire Department. Our particular group donates the “votes/money” to the organizations based on exact votes. Some groups simply give the entire pot to the highest voted group. Ours reflects the votes with the donations so that all three of the charitable groups receive a reflection of their counted votes.

Organized by Cindy, local realtor Mick Seislove and several others, our first meeting was crazy fast, on point and super upbeat. Lots of local residents and businesses were buzzing with excitement about the idea. This is a way to make a huge impact in your community with very little effort. We do many fundraisers at our insurance agency, some taking quite a bit of time and planning. We’ll continue that; we love it! But this was an easy way to be a part of a huge donation program while meeting other like-minded folks in our area.

Thanks to Terry Bender of the Alburtis Tavern, too, for offering his great space for us to have a large number of folks. Really nice venue for parties and events!

Anxious for the next meeting.  Eager to see who else will receive a piece of the charitable pie. I know there are many deserving groups in this community!

Next meeting is 8/28/17, venue to be announced.  Want more info? Call or email Judy Schilling at judy.schilling@foxroach.com and cell 610-349-3194. Or reach out to me and I’ll be happy to tell you why you need to be a part of this energy!


Talk To Your Agent


Lots of different things you can share these days, right?  Sharing is always a nice and good thing, right?

While it is a great thing when you’re talking sandwiches or basketballs, it can be a complicated thing when you are talking about your vehicles or your home. Some policies provide some coverage that is “built in” at no charge. Some simply require an inexpensive “tweak” to make things right.  Sometimes it is an exposure that cannot be covered “any which way no how” and then you may need to make a wise decision about whether you truly want to be involved in the sharing activity.

Bottom line, discuss it with your agent. Always, every time. Don’t wonder if it is okay or not, be certain. We’re here, 610-530-0304.

Thanksgiving Safety!

tgivingWhile you’re being thankful, be vigilant.  Lots of things we take for granted are things that can cause “issues” on Turkey Day. Stay tuned into the very basic stuff. We’ve seen claims in the past years that are surprising, but not impossible.




  • Don’t walk away from the kitchen for too long. Parades, football games, monopoly games can pull you away, but the kitchen is a “hot spot” for overheating, fire, smoke and things that simply happen in seconds. Had a huge fire claim a few years back because the microwave cooking time was wrongly entered and temps rose, things exploded, bad things happened. The fire team actually brought food over to the house and everyone ate together. A great story, but not one that should be repeated.
  • Make sure you have an eye for safety in regard to little people who may wander around while you cook. Nominate someone to keep them busy away from the kitchen and the hot stuff. Same thing for pets. Keep the kitchen clear of everyone except the cooks!
  • Many of you will drive to enjoy family and friends. Sadly, it’s a day where some may be drinking and driving. Congestion in general raises the chances for accidents. Be alert, don’t drive when you’re impaired or sleepy. Take frequent breaks if you’re traveling a distance to your destination. Stay over if that’s possible.
  • That shopping thing, avoid it if you can. Shop online. Parking lots are a nightmare and a frequent source of fender benders even on days that aren’t “Black Friday”.
  • Be safe with food storage. Refrigerate, refrigerate, refrigerate.
  • Don’t feed the dog if it’s not your dog. You may not know what foods are problematic for dogs in general or THAT dog in particular. After you leave the shindig, you don’t want to leave your host with a sick dog. Ask your host if he has treats that are safe to feed the pet.
  • Should you have a claim involving your home or car, know that we have 24 hour claim assistance at 1-800-367-3743. The number is also available when you call our office phone while we are closed to celebrate the holiday.

The InsuranceChix wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Likely not.

But, when you DO help him or her choose a vehicle, are you “thinking smart”?

Many of our clients are surprised about the cost of insuring a vehicle for their teen drivers. Yes, your teen may be super special and different from all the rest, but STATISTICALLY speaking, teen drivers represent a huge risk in the world of claims. They have less experience and they may take risks that more mature drivers would not. Hence, the cost to insure a younger, less experienced driver is greater.

Simple things like two doors versus four doors can make a difference. Some models and makes rate out higher than others. What should you do?

Narrow your choice down to a few different models, get the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for the vehicle and ASK US FOR A BALLPARK QUOTE. Then you won’t be surprised after you’ve already bought a car. Buying an older vehicle or one with a lower value may enable you to insure it without physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision damage coverage) which could save you about $1,000 per year.

Bottom line, talk to us. Let us help you find ways to save for what is a larger expense than you might have expected.

Call us as soon as your child obtains a permit so we can add him or her to your policy. Many carriers do not charge for the “permit” time, but once a child is licensed, they do.

Driver training courses (on the road type) also can help save dollars!

Find helpful Insurance Chix who will guide you at 610-530-0304





Ridesharing awareness moment?  What does this even MEAN?

In today’s world, we are finding various companies, including Uber and Lyft, that provide a “ridesharing” service for folks.  It can be convenient, fun and lucrative. It can also have some downside implications that sound like scenes from every midnight mystery movie you’ve ever seen. I’m not here to sing those songs to you today.

But the INSURANCE implication is one that I urge you to consider before you take on the idea of being a driver.  What are my tips?

  • Learn what the company will cover from top to bottom, in and out, and even upside down. Have your attorney view it if you don’t understand it. Realize there are limitations and concerns when you participate as a driver. While there is some coverage provided by the service, it is not fully inclusive for the coverage gaps that exist and you could be left in a pickle in terms of coverage if you are counting on that part to take care of everything for you.
  • Be straight with your insurance carrier. Many insurers specifically exclude coverage when you use your car “for hire”.  There are lots of fancy names for it, but it means you are using your car to make money by carrying people in it.  It is a risk different than commuting to your job or taking the kids to the ice cream shack. There ARE some carriers that WILL extend coverage to you when you amend the policy in a certain way. If your carrier is willing to do this, jump on it, even if it costs a few bucks to do it.  Why?  Because the cost of YOU filling those coverage gaps out of YOUR pocket could be far greater than the small premium upcharge to have your insurer bear the risk.
  • Be hyper-vigilant with your registration, license, insurance documents being covered.  Maintain your vehicle in all ways.
  • Go back and read bullet point #2 again.

We’re putting together a new “smartphone app” that has a button called “About Us” because people often want to go there and understand who you are before they’re comfortable dialing you up.

We could’ve simply linked it to a video about our agency or even directed it to an existing page of our website.  But this time, I wanted to say a little more.  Hence, the blog! (We’ll post a link to view two of our videos at the bottom.  One is the traditional kind…the other is a bit more “creative” thanks to some outside the box thinking!  Enjoy!)

The Insurance Chix are the team of friendly, professional, licensed insurance agents at Hosfeld Insurance, LLC.  There are six of us, including myself.  The five front line Chix have insurance backgrounds that range from two to forty two years in the industry!  Personally, I had ten years of claims experience before I “hatched” my “scratch” agency in 1998.  Having that background makes me have an entirely different focus and that is a benefit to my clients.

We are all fully licensed so that you can talk to any one of us when we answer your call, usually before the third ring.  We believe combining today’s technology with yesterday’s service model is the key to our success.  We love to have folks visit, we want you to know us as we know you. Relationships matter. Having a live caring person who understands you is wildly beneficial to help you through the confusing aspects of buying insurance, experiencing a claim, or simply planning for your future needs.

We have a strong focus on community.  In the last few years, we’ve done fundraisers that have netted thousands of dollars for the burn unit at our local hospital, the breast cancer support network, aid for human trafficking, pet rescue organizations and more.  We’ve sponsored a concert in the park to help keep the series going during a tough year. We’ve partnered with clients and friends who donated hundreds of handmade winter hats for kids with cancer.  We’ve also helped gather many bags of dog and cat food for the group that helps feed those whose owners are struggling financially. We enjoy bringing awareness to different things that will benefit those who give and those who get.

We advertise a little bit. We focus hugely on referrals because the best way to get a client aware of why you’re different is to have another happy client share their experience. In fact, that’s one of the most amazing parts of the new “Chix-App” for smartphones. By having our own team of “happy peeps” share us with their friends, their friends will get to know us virtually first.  They’ll use some of the calculators and online quote options. They’ll read about us on the social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Yelp and YouTube.  And then, when ready, when they feel they know us and like us…they can reach out and see if we can help them improve their own insurance programs.

We’re in Macungie and we service most of the Lehigh Valley.  Wanna learn more?  Keep clicking the buttons on the app, especially the ones that you find by using the “MORE” button.  Anything we didn’t cover?  Find the “Ask us a Question” button…we’re perched and ready right here at the Nest.

Donna Hosfeld, Head Chick

Those videos?  Visit our website home page for InsuranceChix.com and you can view the traditional one and the “FUN” one…Picture 007



frogThere are four frogs sitting on a log.  Three decide to jump in the river.  How many frogs remain upon the log?

You might answer one.  You’d be wrong.

Four frogs remain sitting on that log because while three of them “decided” to do it, they didn’t actually DO it.  Deciding you want to do something is not the same as doing it.  Action is the difference.

You may have talked about buying life insurance.  You may have played around with our online calculator gadget.  You may have had me work up some numbers for you.  You may have the VERY BEST intentions, but that’s not enough.  To really protect your family, you need to finalize it, wrap it up, finish it completely.

Make today the day.  Call me at 610-530-0304.  We can do it entirely by email nowadays; couldn’t be easier!  We’d love to see you put a checkmark beside this very important box on your “to do” list.  Email is donna@hosfeldinsurance.com