donnaclaraTime flies.  We hear that all the time.  It’s true.

Seems like yesterday that I was sitting on my grandmother’s lap…but it’s really more than 50 YEARS ago!?  How?

Back in those days, it seemed like only “old people” died.  Skewed thinking, of course.  My circle of friends and family was small.  Now, I know many more people through the business and other social circles.  Recently, it seems as if several folks pass away every week.  And too often, they seem to be in the prime of their lives. They’re not all grandparents who are 80+ and sitting in rocking chairs.  They’re busy, active  people with whom we shared coffee.  Smiling, happy souls who we banter with on the computer.  People JUST LIKE US.

Some of them are leaving people and things behind.  People who depend on them.  Things that require their special talents.  Financial obligations, too.

While life insurance is one way to help with the financial burdens, there are several other things that each of us should do to make the ultimate transition easier for those left behind.  It’s not something that we want to consider, but we must.

  • Have you prepared a will?  Do it.  Now.
  • Have you prepared a health care directive to help make end of life decisions for you?
  • Does someone know where all of your “important papers” are kept?  Deeds, vehicle titles, birth certificates, etc?
  • Do you have a list of your passwords available for those who may need to know?
  • Do you have a list of how you want to dispense items that could cause arguments among others?  (Jewelry, collectible items, photographs, things that would be sentimental to others?)
  • Do you have a list of all of your assets, including life insurance, retirement accounts, bank accounts, etc?
  • Do you have a realistic figure of what is owed on your home, cars, kids’ education, etc?  Are there funds to make sure these things are able to be paid?
  • If you are a key employee or business owner, are your tasks clear to those who will become responsible?

If you don’t yet have all these puzzle pieces in place, take an hour or two to brainstorm a list of what you need to do. JUST START.

Find a reputable attorney, accountant and insurance agent to help you craft a plan that will ease things for others. Don’t know anyone in particular?  Call me.  I know lots of good peeps who can help you with it.

And remember, even if you don’t do it all right now, it’s important to get started.  SOME is better than NONE.  If it’s “better than it was” when you’re done, it’s a win.

French Fries!

french fries

As some of you know, my mom passed away in October 2008.  During the three weeks preceding her final journey, I kept a notebook to document all of her medical care, doctors names, etc.  Trying to keep things straight can be difficult so I wanted to make sure I captured everything that was important.  Well, I also found myself noting little moments that happened during that time.

Each October, I find myself looking at it, remembering some of the special moments that have become my “roses in December” treasures.

Today’s entry was particularly good.  She had just received the cancer diagnosis and prognosis predicting three more months of time on our planet.  Too short, of course.  But as you gathered, it ended up being only three weeks.

She was a bit surprised, shaken and blue.  My two nieces and I sat with her as we processed it together, best we could.  A few minutes later, one of the cafeteria servers at the hospital entered the room.  She placed the covered platter onto Mom’s bed tray, quickly yanking off the silver cover to display her lunch.  Without skipping a beat, Mom exclaimed with a huge smile, “OH BOY, FRENCH FRIES!” and embraced the moment with joy and delight.

How?  She lived in the moment.  She was “mindful” (the big buzzword nowadays for counting blessings)

I’m smiling now…not crying.  Remembering her big grin and sense of appreciation for the “little” things is something I hope to have myself.  What else can I appreciate today?  How ’bout you?


So, a recent Facebook discussion lit my fire to write this blog post.

How many of you are facing some serious debt consequences when you send that kid off to college? Costs are rising, so you probably are!

A recent news article pointed out the debt impact when the student died.  That being said, is there a smart way to protect a family from the financial hardship that ensues when something like this happens?

Yes, in a perfect and happy world, the student graduates, earns lots of money and the debt is paid off in a traditional way.

But if a car accident, health condition or other reason causes that student to pass away…the debt may remain and be a heavy burden for the family.

Life insurance is a smart and affordable way to provide that protection.  For example, a healthy 18 year old female rates out at about $123/year for $100,000 of 10-year term insurance.  That’s about $10/month!  Not much more than $2/week!  About 34 cents a DAY!  Would emptying your coins from your pockets daily and losing 34 cents even be noticed?  Doubt it!

For a specific illustration for your situation, please call us at 610-530-0304. Consultations always complimentary.  We’ll make it easy.  Promise.  (PENNSYLVANIA RESIDENTS ONLY)


You are unique!

Picture 007You agree.  You are special.  You are different.  You are unique.

Yet, many folks ask the same question again and again.  “Why isn’t my insurance the same price as my neighbor’s”?

Why?  Because you are special, you are different, you are unique.  Rates are driven by a multitude of factors and it’s rare to see the same rate for different folks.  Rating has become very sophisticated and takes many variables into account.  Some things are commonly understood.  Others are more subtle.  But know that age, geography, usage, claims history, vehicle type, amenities within a home, distance to a fire hydrant and fire company are all parts that account for fluctuation.  Pay plan choices, discounts, advance quote status are also pieces of this puzzle.

Rest assured, when we ask you more questions than you ever imagined, we have a reason.  As independent agents, we are trying to MAXIMIZE your coverage and MINIMIZE your premium.  We want to find an attractive AND valuable package of protection for you.  We want to do it right.  We want to provide a program that is going to make a difference for you if you ever need it!

Let us make the process enjoyable and fun.  We’ll ask lots of questions, we’ll get to know you. We’ll find out what’s important to you and what your risk tolerance is. And, when we’re all done, we’ll provide you options that are affordable and comprehensive. And they’ll be crafted JUST for you, because you are special, different and unique.  No doubt about it! 




After a really long winter, we are ALL ready for Spring, right?  OK…while we wait, let’s test our knowledge of insurance coverage!

I get carried away singing along to a Def Leppard song on the radio, I sneeze from the hyacinths in the back seat, I swat at a bumblebee in my car.  Losing control, I hit a telephone pole.  What coverage on my auto policy will pay for my car’s front end damage?

  • A) Comprehensive coverage
  • B) Collision coverage
  • C) The Rock ‘n Roll/Insect Rider

I host an  “I’m Pretending It’s Spring Because I’ll Die If It Snows One More Time” party.  As I hand out bunches of daffodils to my guests and release the flock of butterflies, I realize my dog has just bitten one of the peeps who are doing the Chicken Dance.  What part of my homeowner’s policy may respond?

  • A) Medical Payments Coverage
  • B) Personal Liability Coverage
  • C) Sinkhole Endorsement

Anxious that temperatures have finally broken 30 degrees, I am out walking for fun and fitness when I am plowed down by a city bus.  My fall broken by a hearty patch of daisies, I still decide to get checked at the local emergency room.  What policy will pay for my visit?

  • A) Homeowners Insurance Medical Payments
  • B) Health Insurance
  • C)  Auto Insurance First Party Medical Benefits Coverage

See, Spring brings its own set of challenges.


1.  B, Collision Coverage.  Because you’ve collided with another object, collision coverage is what would respond to pay for your damages.  Be sure you’ve selected a comfortable deductible as that is the amount of the claim that would be your financial responsibility.  If you’ve wisely selected rental car reimbursement, your insurer will also be able to extend payment for a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired.

2. A & B.   In this case, the actual medical bills could be paid by the Medical Payments Coverage portion of your policy as it happened at your home.  The Liability Coverage may also extend to cover “pain and suffering” from the event where your negligence in controlling the pet caused harm to another.

3. C.  Your auto insurance policy  is primary in regard to paying for injuries “sustained through the maintenance or use of a motor vehicle” and broadly extends for pedestrian injuries of this type. 

Hopefully Spring will arrive before my next quiz!

Why Life Insurance?

momkaren 006Whether we’re very young, or very old, we’re not going to be here forever.

We often think about whether our lives are the way we want them to be.  Are we having enough fun?  Are doing the things we said we’d do?  Are we making a difference in the lives of others? 

We only get one crack at this life.  We need to live it.  We also need to plan for those who will be around after we’re gone.  Have you?

If you don’t yet have a will, get one.  Don’t know who to call?  Ask me.  There are many reputable attorneys here in our Lehigh Valley.  It’s not expensive.   It IS necessary.

You’ve THOUGHT about life insurance, but it’s just one of those things that no one likes to act upon.  Somehow, if you actually call me for a proposal, it’ll actually make it real.  You’ll really die, right?   Either way, friend, you will die.  We all will.

By crafting a decent policy, you’ll sleep better.  You’ll know that you tied it up in a bow.  Once you do it, you don’t have to think about it again. 

We write small policies of $10,000.  We write jumbo ones in the millions of dollars range.  We have various payment plans.  We make only one promise.  We won’t push you into anything you don’t want or can’t afford.

Start the year right.  It’s January.  Make this the year you take care of the “little detail” that you’ve previously ignored.   And then, you’ll be able to say “it’s DONE!”

Complimentary conversations always available, 610-530-0304


businessownersAs you can tell, being a business owner requires us to wear MANY hats.  Thanks for being adorable, Rita Guthrie of Open Door Public Relations!

As you start out, you’ll find that you’ll end up doing many things yourself.  In the 15 years of Hosfeld Insurance, I’ve found myself doing everything from shoveling snow to scrubbing a toilet.  But there are several things I left to the professionals.  I urge you to do the same.  When you begin, and as you grow, you will value having a team of folks to help guide you.  Make sure you find a great accountant, lawyer and insurance agent.  If your business requires, you may also depend greatly on a computer guru, realtor, and lender.

Don’t even consider opening your door, or beginning to hand out business cards until you have secured the right insurance.  When you begin to do business, you have opened yourself up for risk.  Depending on the business, for as little as $250/year, you may be able to cover that exposure.

General liability insurance will be important so that if you are found legally liable for something, you’ll be protected.  You would not want to handle it from your own pocket, would you?  Even if you don’t have an actual “storefront” where people visit, you may be exposed by the cupcakes you sell, the products you make, the list goes on.

If you have a vehicle used for business, you may wish to consider a commercial auto policy. No big price difference from a personal auto policy, but it may expand coverage for the new exposures you have.

Property coverage may be an option if you have a building to insure or simply your business personal property.  If a loss occurs (fire, theft, hurricane, etc.) would you be financially able to go out and buy all new computers, desks, equipment, and stock?  For very low premium, these things can be covered!

You’ve grown to the point that you need help?  Be careful and cautious and know the legal implications of having an “employee”.  Be especially cognizant of the governmental definitions that clarify when someone is a true employee. Penalties for failure to carry the proper workers compensation insurance can be steep.

Did you know that life insurance should be part of your plan?  If you have a partner, it can be especially important.  Your spouse may not be able to afford a buyout of your portion of the business.  By using life insurance in this way, you can insure that they will be able to do this, leaving your partner free to run the business.  Many times, the surviving spouse would have no desire to be in the business.  This is a way to insure that everyone is placed in the best possible position after you’re gone.

There are many variables.  Every business is different.  Insurance agents can guide you down the path in an objective way.  Find one with whom you are comfortable sharing your concerns, fears and ideas.  Together, you will protect the dream you’ve created.

For a complimentary assessment of your business, please call us at 610-530-0304.  We would love to hear about what makes your dream uniquely yours.

Photo includes local  Lehigh Valley business owners:

  • Carlos Roman, Sting Operation Pest Control
  • Christine Rothdeutsch, AsNeeded.Biz
  • Rita Guthrie, Open Door Public Relations
  • Donna Hosfeld, Hosfeld Insurance, LLC/InsuranceChix.com
  • Ted Laskowski, 1st Patriot Realty/Inspired Home, LLC
  • Rayne Reitnauer, Cold Nose Lodge

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