Maybe.  Maybe not.

How do you KNOW for sure?  When you craft a policy for yourself online, are you certain you understand every piece of what you’re buying?  Don’t ever compare policies based solely on cost.  Base your choice on value.

And most important, let a qualified, licensed professional help you do it.  Too often we hear about folks who “thought” they had coverage for a particular event, but did not. Just got off the phone with an insurance colleague as we discussed a person whose car was damaged by a fallen tree.  They thought they were covered, but they were not.

Guessing is lots of fun at the county fair.  But with the insurance that covers your home, cars or business…don’t guess.  Be sure.

Please call us to review your policy.  We love to explain and advise. That’s why we got into this business. Never a charge for us to review what you have and make smart recommendations for what you need!  610-530-0304 (PA RESIDENTS ONLY)

jonasWinter Storm Jonas is on it’s way.  You could have a claim.  You could lose power.  You should print this info so you have it handy.  You may also want to collect a list of contractors, tree guys, or other folks whose numbers may not be readily accessible if power or connectivity is lost.

It’s a weekend.  Some folks work.  Some do not.  If you have NO NECESSARY reason to be on the roads, STAY HOME.  Emergency responders and road crews will say THANK YOU. This isn’t the time for an omelette at the diner or an extra jigsaw puzzle from the big box store.

Here are your links should you need them.


Erie Insurance
Call 1-800-367-3743 or online at www.erieinsurance.com
Just a windshield claim and nothing else? Call 1-800-552-3743


Call 1-800-527-3907 or online at www.foremost.com

Call 1-800-925-2886 or online at www.progressive.com


Our office number will be monitored, but keep in mind, if power or connectivity is lost, I may not be able to retrieve messages or answer “general” questions as promptly as you normally enjoy.  For that reason, the direct reporting numbers above should be kept handy.

crumbcakesMy mom had a few recipes that fit the category of true winners.  Most were made with a few very basic ingredients that she always had handy.  And all of them were delicious. Here’s my favorite.

Crumb Cakes        (preheat oven to 350 degrees)

3 cups flour

2 cups sugar

3 teaspoons baking powder

pinch of salt

1 stick of real butter (softened by sitting out awhile)

—————————-> mix that thoroughly, ok to use your hands, reserving a 1/2 cup of it for crumb topping

Now, add to your original mixture:

2 eggs

1 cup milk

—————————->mix that up with wooden spoon and pour into two previously greased/floured 8″ round pans.   Top with the crumb mixture and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bake til golden brown!

*Yes, you can make into cupcakes or a sheet cake instead!  Tastes just as good!


Holiday Blues.

holidaybluesThis isn’t a blog about which holiday you celebrate.  For me, it’s Christmas.  For you, could be something else.

But the bottom line is that there are a few reasons why many of us experience a bit of the “blues” at this time of year.   And most of us flip flop up and down, depending on the day or the location.  Why does it happen?

  1. We have memories.  When we look back, we remember times with people who may no longer be in our lives.  We may have had family members who have passed or moved far away.  Things just aren’t the “way they used to be” and we can have a hard time with it.
  2. We compare.  Whether a close friend or a semi-stranger you know on Facebook  says they’re doing something exciting, traveling somewhere exotic, or receiving a gift of great delight…we compare it to our own lives. Inevitably we come up short.  We forget to count our own blessings, we somehow feel we’re not measuring up.
  3. We focus on the wrong things.  We can get so caught up in the routines and duties of the season, that we forget what really matters. By baking cookies, shopping at the malls til midnight, decorating as though our living room is Times Square, and just becoming addicted to the busy nature of the season, we get overwhelmed.  Emotionally, we feel wiped.  We can’t keep up and we get really tired.  What comes after tired?  Cranky.  We lose our patience and snap at those we love. Again, the stuff that doesn’t really matter somehow weighs heavier than the stuff that really does.

So what can we do?

  1. Use those memories.  Share them with others.  Ask them to share theirs with you.  I met an elderly woman at a craft fair recently.  We were sitting at a long table enjoying some lunch.  She was “put” there by her daughter, to guard the bags and purses, while the daughter continued to shop.  For the first few minutes, she didn’t move.  She didn’t talk, she didn’t even look up.  She seemed frozen in time.  Grasping onto her walker, staring at her lap, she didn’t seem like she would interact.  But I tried anyway.  I saw her wedding rings and I complimented them and asked if she was married.  She whispered that she had been, but she was widowed now.  I offered condolences and pressed on, asking his name and inquiring about the length of their union.  She told me his name and said “55 years.” With that, she became animated.  Her posture changed, her voice became strong and audible.  She shifted her chair a bit to be able to face me. She told me where the two of them worked, for how long, and that they’d had two children.  She told me they met at The Ritz Barbeque and became engaged in less than six months.  She told me “When you know, you know right away!  I knew with my first look at him that he was the one.  He was VERY good looking, you know!” She smiled and giggled as she told me some of the specifics.  It was a joy to listen.  I bet the stories she shared had not been told in a very long time.  Moral of the story?  Ask.  Ask some more.  Share in the joy of the memories that others may have Don’t worry about bringing up a story about someone who is gone. The person knows they’re gone. They miss them and probably treasure the opportunity to reminisce.
  2. Count your blessings.  The right ones. Remember that there’s always going to be someone out there who has more of something than you do. Whether it’s a bigger house, more cars, or jewelry that sparkles brighter…yes, there’s always someone who will exceed what you have. But do you have what should be the “real goal” for any of us?  Do you have…”ENOUGH”?  Enough food to keep your belly from rumbling?  Enough money to pay your bills? Enough friends to listen to you when you whine? Enough love to make your heart feel warm? Enough love to give to others? “Enough” doesn’t come in a box.  It doesn’t get delivered by UPS.  But it’s something most of us have, we just have a hard time recognizing it.
  3. We need to breathe.  We need to look at what we have and not at what we don’t.  We need to simplify and do what we want to do. We need to know when to say “NO” to some invitations and requests. No one is giving out an award for the number of holiday events we attend. When it boils down to it, there are probably only a few that really matter. It’s not the lights, the confections, the pretty bows…it’s the people in your life who make a difference 365 days a year.  Spend the time with them, enjoying one another and relaxing without looking at the time to see if you’ll make it to the next event.

One of my best memories is always Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. From the time I was a wee child until the last year’s of my mom’s life, this is what we did…the tradition was the same.  We’d end up at her place after church candelight services.  We’d have ring baloney, cheese cubes, onion dip and chips, cookies…and a “highball” drink. (That’s a whiskey and 7 Up for those who never heard of it) We’d talk about past years, laugh about some of the highs and lows of those times, and just cherish the fact that we’d had one more year together, with good health and happiness.

My mom died in August 2008.  So 2008 was the last Christmas Eve we had the “get together” I describe.  Her apartment was almost empty. We hadn’t cleaned everything out yet. But after candelight service, my husband and I went there and sat for a bit.  I ripped through the cabinets and found the Seagrams and 7-Up soda and made highballs in the only two mismatched juice glasses that had not yet been packed away into boxes.  We toasted to Mom.  No baloney.  No cookies.  But it was the last year we had anything remotely like “the old days”.  So, my advice is to resurrect those traditions if you can. Don’t avoid the memories, embrace them.  They were good times, things cannot be the same, but they can be “okay”…maybe they can even be better!  Reach out to others because there’s a chance that they’re having as hard of a time as you are. Don’t be a hermit. Be a sharer. There’s much to give and much to get by giving it a whirl.




Facebook for Chix


This post is actually about any of the social media platforms, but Facebook seems the most popular.

All the Chix here at Hosfeld Insurance/InsuranceChix.com are committed to providing you splendid service and insurance guidance every single day.  We are fully staffed by 100% licensed agents (yes, all of them!) who are anxious to help you get a rate on a new car, talk about a claim, and provide stellar help with all of your insurance needs.

However, please understand that the agency has a “social media policy” that promotes engagement through our two business pages.  You can LIKE us and engage with us at http://www.facebook.com/insurancechix and http://www.facebook.com/hosfeldinsurance

While some of our team have personal profiles, they will not accept friend requests from clients.  Everyone has a different idea about privacy and how much of their work life they wish to mix with their personal life.  So if you’ve friended one of the Chix, please don’t be offended if they do not accept your request.

Please LIKE our business pages and share them with your friends!  We love to be involved, but we’ll continue to do it from a unified perspective as an agency. Thanks for your understanding!


So, for those of us who celebrate Christmas, this is an exciting and fun opportunity!

We are going to be doing a raffle type thing where the winner claims ALL the ornaments that are collected during the weeks preceding the date of 12/19/15.

How does it work?

  • Donate a new ornament for our tree (bring to the Chixnest at 19 E Main St., Macungie anytime from now til 12/12/15. Regular business hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday. You can also bring it on Macungie Holiday Open House Day, Saturday 12/12/15 too…we are open from 9-3 on that day. When you donate an ornament (yes, you can do more than one!) you receive an entry slip for the drawing.
  • Don’t feel like shopping for an ornament?  Donate $5 and you get an entry slip!
  • Be creative when selecting your ornament!  Why? A Facebook “FAVORITE” ornament will be chosen. A $25 gift certificate from Angela Faidley’s “Out of Our Minds Art Studio” in Macungie will be awarded to its donor. Art and jewelry making classes are FUN! Thanks for donating, Angela!  (Our Chix team will pick the top three and then the winner will be named by a vote on our InsuranceChix Facebook page 12/14/15)
  • On 12/14/15, we will draw for the lucky winner who claims ALL of the ornaments for their tree.  Or, you can gift them to your friends.  Whatever! You’ll have a boatload of uber cool ornaments selected by a varied group of peeps.
  • And, any money collected for those “non-ornament” entry slips will be donated to a very deserving local charity, East Penn Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  This group helps provide temporary housing for homeless folks in the East Penn School District.  They also provide mentorship of skilled neighbors to address the root causes of these homeless situations. Guidance and direction are provided for legal concerns, debt management and parenting challenges.  Thanks to Pastor Tim Dooner of Faith Presbyterian Church of Emmaus for helping me understand the “hidden” homeless situation in our community.  Some folks live in their cars, others bounce around in temporary situations living with friends or sharing hotel/motel rooms.  It surprised me.
  • And Hosfeld Insurance/InsuranceChix.com will donate $1 for every ornament collected!
  • When can you start?  NOW!
  • Not into Christmas ornaments?  Feel free to make a cash donation to these nice folks instead!  They are a 501(3)c nonprofit.  Learn more at their website, www.epnhn.org
  • What a great way to have some fun finding a cool ornament to donate, get entered to win some crazy cool stuff, and most of all MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our own backyard.  Thanks in advance.  This is going to ROCK!

Wet Leaves.


Anytime anyone mentions “wet leaves” to me, I feel instantly compelled to share it with others.  From the time I began driving, my father would always let me know that this was a “risk” on a wet Fall day.

Many road surfaces can be slippery from moisture, leaves, oils, whatever.

Take extra care on these kinds of days.

And feel free to remind me about “wet leaves”….it’s always tied into a beautiful memory of one who’s gone on ahead.


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