Park Where? Not There!

Ever wonder why those blue striped areas are beside handicapped parking spaces?

Maybe you never thought about it.  

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I stopped when I read Joey Krycia’s post about how he was affected by someone who may not have been aware of the importance of keeping that area clear. Joey came out from shopping and found he was unable to enter his vehicle because another car had parked within that striped area. As you can see from the photo, that area needs to be clear so a wheelchair can be navigated onto the ramp allowing access to the vehicle. On this snowy night, Joey was stuck. Unable to get onto the entry ramp, he could not make entry into his vehicle. Some of the comments folks made suggested he call police, have the other vehicle towed, go back into the store and page the owner. But he used the time to contemplate what he would say when the driver returned to her car. Using these opportunities to educate others is important. Hopefully, she learned why the striped area matters. 

How else might we learn from this? By sharing. I asked Joey if I could share his post on my Facebook and also within this e-newsletter. He graciously agreed. I think it’s important for us to start from a point of kindly showing people why these things matter. I want to believe it was a careless error in judgment that has now been corrected. Maybe the person will tell everyone she knows and fewer and fewer instances like this will occur. As of today, the number of “shares” on Joey’s Facebook post stands at 13,121! How many views? How many comments? It’s viral. People are seeing, reading and hopefully understanding the “why.”

Thanks for allowing me to share this, Joey. I know many will appreciate it and share it with others! 


The sooner you buy life insurance, the cheaper it will be. It’s an age thing.

But guess what? If you are doing a policy type that “snowballs” the cash value, the sooner you get it, the better the final snowball will be, too.

I bought policies for my niece’s kids each time they were born. Three of them. I’ve also written some this week for clients’ kids. They’re brilliant in that they are super affordable, provide a specific face value and will accumulate lots of cash value over the years. So if the child no longer wants or needs the policy, it can be surrendered.

Everyone always asks me what kind of numbers. On a child under one year of age, our current $25,000 face value policy for a male of good health would be about $20/month on our special “20 pay” program. It means you pay for 20 years, then you’re done. Again, a smart way to roll if you want to step out of the payment picture when your child matures. Should he want to surrender it at age 40, $6,250 is available. Surrender at age 65, $13,537. Or wait til the grand old age of 85, $20,223. But if he would pass at any time between now and then, the full $25,000 would be paid to the beneficiary. We also include a rider that guarantees future additional levels of insurance with our offer to increase the face value (for additional premium) at future ages of 25, 28, 31, 34, 37 and 40. That way, if the individual has developed any serious medical conditions or chosen a dangerous hobby or occupation, the offer of insurance remains possible without any proof of health. That’s the main reason to secure the insurance at this point. Most of us don’t get younger, or healthier, as we age.

Happy to discuss with you. No questions are silly. It’s a great gift to insure a good starter base for kids.emilybear

So, who buys life insurance?  You may think it’s “only” those couples who have a mortgage, debts and lots of kids.  They’re the ones whose lives would really change if something happened, right?

Nope.  Life insurance policyholders have many faces.  Some are retired men whose employers’ policies have ended.  Some are single moms who realize just how much a child’s future depends on their ability to provide financial support.  Some are babies whose parents know the value of a secure policy that no one can take away even if the child develops a serious condition or chooses a dangerous or hazardous hobby or occupation down the road. Some are folks who have already lost someone “first hand” and experienced how life insurance can help.

A recent life insurance buyer, Cassandra Gaumer, a “millenial” who was willing to share her story of why she felt it was smart to get herself a policy now.

“The reason was pretty simple to me.  Almost three years ago, I saw how life insurance helped when my grandfather passed away.  It was like a blessing in disguise, almost. I also saw how much of a struggle it was for my grandmother when my mom passed away 11 months later with no life insurance. People never know what the future holds and when it’s their time. For that reason, I wanted to be fully prepared for when the time comes so that none of my loved ones will have to struggle too much.”

We set up an affordable, smart plan for her. Seeing a young person interested and eager to prepare is awesome. Knowing she and her family had to go through some rough times makes me sad. But knowing that she is responsible and thinking about her future in a very mature way totally impresses me. Thanks for sharing, Cassie!

Why would kids need life insurance?  That’s a rip off.  They have no “income” that will be lost if they are gone. What crazy insurance agent would suggest such a thing?

See these two angels? I bought them life insurance before they could walk. By securing a permanent policy for them, I made sure that they had a guarantee of having life insurance.  If they develop a serious condition or select a wildly dangerous hobby or occupation, insurance could be expensive or impossible to obtain. Now, they’re set. No one can take it away. By securing it while they are young, it was also purchased at the lowest rate possible. There is a cash value part of the policy that will be available should they want to withdraw or loan against it, too.

Want to explore it for your children or grandchildren? karenkids1

Image result for 100 people who care

This is fundraising ON STEROIDS!

I was invited to be part of this amazing local community fundraiser. Thank you, Cindy Ernst of Stortz & Associates! This chapter of “100 People Who Care Of The Lehigh Valley” is starting with a bang!

One hundred (or more) local people come together three times a year to donate $100 each at each meeting. That’s $30,000 of donations to deserving local organizations. At our first meeting, 4/24/17, the three groups vying for the proceeds were the Bill Sugra Foundation, Emmaus High School Angel Network and the Alburtis Fire Department. Our particular group donates the “votes/money” to the organizations based on exact votes. Some groups simply give the entire pot to the highest voted group. Ours reflects the votes with the donations so that all three of the charitable groups receive a reflection of their counted votes.

Organized by Cindy, local realtor Mick Seislove and several others, our first meeting was crazy fast, on point and super upbeat. Lots of local residents and businesses were buzzing with excitement about the idea. This is a way to make a huge impact in your community with very little effort. We do many fundraisers at our insurance agency, some taking quite a bit of time and planning. We’ll continue that; we love it! But this was an easy way to be a part of a huge donation program while meeting other like-minded folks in our area.

Thanks to Terry Bender of the Alburtis Tavern, too, for offering his great space for us to have a large number of folks. Really nice venue for parties and events!

Anxious for the next meeting.  Eager to see who else will receive a piece of the charitable pie. I know there are many deserving groups in this community!

Next meeting is 8/28/17, venue to be announced.  Want more info? Call or email Judy Schilling at judy.schilling@foxroach.com and cell 610-349-3194. Or reach out to me and I’ll be happy to tell you why you need to be a part of this energy!

Talk To Your Agent


Lots of different things you can share these days, right?  Sharing is always a nice and good thing, right?

While it is a great thing when you’re talking sandwiches or basketballs, it can be a complicated thing when you are talking about your vehicles or your home. Some policies provide some coverage that is “built in” at no charge. Some simply require an inexpensive “tweak” to make things right.  Sometimes it is an exposure that cannot be covered “any which way no how” and then you may need to make a wise decision about whether you truly want to be involved in the sharing activity.

Bottom line, discuss it with your agent. Always, every time. Don’t wonder if it is okay or not, be certain. We’re here, 610-530-0304.

Thanksgiving Safety!

tgivingWhile you’re being thankful, be vigilant.  Lots of things we take for granted are things that can cause “issues” on Turkey Day. Stay tuned into the very basic stuff. We’ve seen claims in the past years that are surprising, but not impossible.




  • Don’t walk away from the kitchen for too long. Parades, football games, monopoly games can pull you away, but the kitchen is a “hot spot” for overheating, fire, smoke and things that simply happen in seconds. Had a huge fire claim a few years back because the microwave cooking time was wrongly entered and temps rose, things exploded, bad things happened. The fire team actually brought food over to the house and everyone ate together. A great story, but not one that should be repeated.
  • Make sure you have an eye for safety in regard to little people who may wander around while you cook. Nominate someone to keep them busy away from the kitchen and the hot stuff. Same thing for pets. Keep the kitchen clear of everyone except the cooks!
  • Many of you will drive to enjoy family and friends. Sadly, it’s a day where some may be drinking and driving. Congestion in general raises the chances for accidents. Be alert, don’t drive when you’re impaired or sleepy. Take frequent breaks if you’re traveling a distance to your destination. Stay over if that’s possible.
  • That shopping thing, avoid it if you can. Shop online. Parking lots are a nightmare and a frequent source of fender benders even on days that aren’t “Black Friday”.
  • Be safe with food storage. Refrigerate, refrigerate, refrigerate.
  • Don’t feed the dog if it’s not your dog. You may not know what foods are problematic for dogs in general or THAT dog in particular. After you leave the shindig, you don’t want to leave your host with a sick dog. Ask your host if he has treats that are safe to feed the pet.
  • Should you have a claim involving your home or car, know that we have 24 hour claim assistance at 1-800-367-3743. The number is also available when you call our office phone while we are closed to celebrate the holiday.

The InsuranceChix wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.