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This post is actually about any of the social media platforms, but Facebook seems the most popular.

All the Chix here at Hosfeld Insurance/InsuranceChix.com are committed to providing you splendid service and insurance guidance every single day.  We are fully staffed by 100% licensed agents (yes, all of them!) who are anxious to help you get a rate on a new car, talk about a claim, and provide stellar help with all of your insurance needs.

However, please understand that the agency has a “social media policy” that promotes engagement through our two business pages.  You can LIKE us and engage with us at http://www.facebook.com/insurancechix and http://www.facebook.com/hosfeldinsurance

While some of our team have personal profiles, they will not accept friend requests from clients.  Everyone has a different idea about privacy and how much of their work life they wish to mix with their personal life.  So if you’ve friended one of the Chix, please don’t be offended if they do not accept your request.

Please LIKE our business pages and share them with your friends!  We love to be involved, but we’ll continue to do it from a unified perspective as an agency. Thanks for your understanding!


So, for those of us who celebrate Christmas, this is an exciting and fun opportunity!

We are going to be doing a raffle type thing where the winner claims ALL the ornaments that are collected during the weeks preceding the date of 12/19/15.

How does it work?

  • Donate a new ornament for our tree (bring to the Chixnest at 19 E Main St., Macungie anytime from now til 12/12/15. Regular business hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday. You can also bring it on Macungie Holiday Open House Day, Saturday 12/12/15 too…we are open from 9-3 on that day. When you donate an ornament (yes, you can do more than one!) you receive an entry slip for the drawing.
  • Don’t feel like shopping for an ornament?  Donate $5 and you get an entry slip!
  • Be creative when selecting your ornament!  Why? A Facebook “FAVORITE” ornament will be chosen. A $25 gift certificate from Angela Faidley’s “Out of Our Minds Art Studio” in Macungie will be awarded to its donor. Art and jewelry making classes are FUN! Thanks for donating, Angela!  (Our Chix team will pick the top three and then the winner will be named by a vote on our InsuranceChix Facebook page 12/14/15)
  • On 12/14/15, we will draw for the lucky winner who claims ALL of the ornaments for their tree.  Or, you can gift them to your friends.  Whatever! You’ll have a boatload of uber cool ornaments selected by a varied group of peeps.
  • And, any money collected for those “non-ornament” entry slips will be donated to a very deserving local charity, East Penn Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  This group helps provide temporary housing for homeless folks in the East Penn School District.  They also provide mentorship of skilled neighbors to address the root causes of these homeless situations. Guidance and direction are provided for legal concerns, debt management and parenting challenges.  Thanks to Pastor Tim Dooner of Faith Presbyterian Church of Emmaus for helping me understand the “hidden” homeless situation in our community.  Some folks live in their cars, others bounce around in temporary situations living with friends or sharing hotel/motel rooms.  It surprised me.
  • And Hosfeld Insurance/InsuranceChix.com will donate $1 for every ornament collected!
  • When can you start?  NOW!
  • Not into Christmas ornaments?  Feel free to make a cash donation to these nice folks instead!  They are a 501(3)c nonprofit.  Learn more at their website, www.epnhn.org
  • What a great way to have some fun finding a cool ornament to donate, get entered to win some crazy cool stuff, and most of all MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our own backyard.  Thanks in advance.  This is going to ROCK!

Wet Leaves.


Anytime anyone mentions “wet leaves” to me, I feel instantly compelled to share it with others.  From the time I began driving, my father would always let me know that this was a “risk” on a wet Fall day.

Many road surfaces can be slippery from moisture, leaves, oils, whatever.

Take extra care on these kinds of days.

And feel free to remind me about “wet leaves”….it’s always tied into a beautiful memory of one who’s gone on ahead.


Getting darker earlier.  A chill is in the air.  You can smell a wood fire in the distance?

Fall is upon us.  And while they are “around” all year long, we do see more “deer activity” at this time.  Be cautious and vigilant in your driving travels.  They can total out a car.  Quickly.  Vehicle damage.  Injuries to you.  Don’t want that.

If you hit the deer or it hits you, it’s COMPREHENSIVE coverage.

If you swerve and miss it and hit the tree, it is COLLISION coverage.

If you run over the dead carcass, it’s COLLISION coverage.

Review your policy accordingly.  Call us if you have further questions.  610-530-0304


Got pets?  When there is a disaster, you think about the things that are most important to you.  For many of us, that means our pets!

Having a plan is important.  Check out this video from the Insurance Information Institute so you’re prepared and ready!

Photo credit:  Terri Csaszar, Bethlehem PA

You Never Know.


You never know.

You never know the impact of a moment in time.  About four years ago, we held a fundraiser for Lehigh Valley Health Network’s “Pink Ribbon Fund”.  It’s an organization that helps fund patients undergoing breast cancer treatments for items that may be a financial burden outside of their health insurance program.  

It was a FUN night at Boston’s Restaurant in Allentown.  Loads of Lehigh Valley peeps came out and bought raffle tickets, ate from a cake that looked like a big purse, purchased “gently worn” purses we’d collected (unbelievably, over 600) and enjoyed dinner and drinks.  We asked a local “celebrity” to be a guest bartender. (Thank you for making the introduction, Dina Wanamaker!) It was Christine Bainbridge of the band She Said Sunday. I didn’t know Christine at that time, except for Facebook, but her sparkle and enthusiasm behind the bar let us know we’d made a wise choice.

Our fundraiser brought $4,500 to the LVHN “Pink Ribbon Fund”, so we were pleased!

Imagine my shock when I read a Facebook post of Christine’s a few months ago that revealed she was now someone other than my celebrity bartender.  She was now “the PATIENT.”

I’ve asked her to guest blog and share her recent journey and some of the things she’s learned.   Take it, girlfriend:

“Christine, this is Dr. Gittleman” As soon as I heard his voice, I knew, but I waited for him to say the words. “We have the results of your biopsy back and it shows a small cancer.” It was Friday, December 5th, and suddenly, I had cancer and my life was completely different.

When you hear those words, “You have cancer,” all of a sudden, words like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, survival rates pop into your consciousness. My first thought was, how am I going to do this? Not only did I have a full-time job, but I manage my very busy band, Sunshine Symphony, and we play every weekend during our busy season. And equally as important, I help my boyfriend raise his two little girls who are 5 and 7. “How am I going to do this?”

My friends and family dubbed themselves “Team CB,” and vowed to keep me laughing throughout the difficult process. My boyfriend Ricky also pledged to follow me, singing the “Eye of the Tiger” song every time I went for a doctor’s appointment. He kept his promise, and although everyone in the medical building looked at us strangely, it took the edge off the fact that I was about to find out about what my treatment recommendations were.

We explained to the girls that “CB” (that’s what they call me) had cancer and that she was going to have surgery and then a special treatment to help the cancer from coming back. They rallied along with me, too, wearing the Team CB shirts their Dad had made. My main motivation was to show them that I was strong and brave, especially on days when I felt neither strong nor brave.

Of course, my first thought “How am I going to do this,” assumed that I was going to go through cancer alone, which was the opposite of the truth. Thanks to help from Ricky, my family and friends, we scheduled our performances around my treatment. My workplace allowed me to take an early lunch so I could go to treatment every day at 11. Ricky and my Mom pitched in around the house and the girls, ever so sweet and understanding, played Uno on the couch with me and let me nap on days I was worn out. I found support and answers to questions on the Living Beyond Breast Cancer message board for Young Survivors.

As I go through the “new normal” post-treatment, sometimes I struggle to find the right way to channel my renewed desire to help others, especially those going through cancer. What can I do? How can I help? Although I’m still exploring the answers to those questions, I try to practice being “present,” soaking up as much joy as possible and sharing that with others.

THANKS CHRISTINE.  Your willingness to share and be open and real is awesome!

Christine can now be found performing with Sunshine Symphony.  Visit http://www.sunshinesymphony.com  

My First House!

donnahouse Several years ago, I was in the same position as many of our clients.  I was buying my “first home” and no clue about anything.  I didn’t understand what I needed for insurance.  I was hopeful that I was picking the right options when I asked my insurance agent for help.

From the day I opened my agency, 6/1/98, I promised that I would make sure every client understood what he or she was selecting when purchasing any type of insurance.  It’s important.  It is something that protects your financial future in so many ways.

For home insurance, it’s not about the price. It’s about the value. In your lifetime, you are likely to experience a loss that could devastate you. Make sure you are properly covered.

Know that we will ask you a lot of questions. The more we know, the better we can plan for what you need.  We will give you options that expand coverage and manage overall premium.  We will make sure all the proper documents are in your hands and on the mortgage lender’s desk BEFORE the closing date.  We’ll help set the premium up for “escrow” if that is needed.  We’ll explain some of the terms that you’ve never heard before.  We will make you comfortable by making the complex simple.  When you walk out of our office, you’ll be assured you have what you need.

Things we’ll cover:

  • Why Guaranteed Replacement Cost is better than Replacement Cost for your dwelling coverage
  • Why we always include Replacement Cost on your personal property
  • How variable deductibles can save you money
  • Why liability coverage is important, even though no one else ever mentioned it
  • Why “mortgage insurance” isn’t the same as “PMI”
  • Why you should always read about the exclusions and limitations in a policy
  • Why some of the “add ons” are truly important for your geographic area
  • Showing you maps of where sinkhole activity might occur in your region
  • Explaining unique losses for homes that are in community settings (townhouses, condos)
  • Explaining that backup of sewers and drains can happen on any level of your home
  • Explaining losses that can occur when your home has a sump pump (or two)
  • Tips to manage your risk in the future so that your premiums remain predictable
  • Applying discounts that you may not have even considered
  • Reviewing the exposure you may have for flood insurance on your new property

Most of us are excited to think about hanging flower baskets, baking cookies and decorating our new place.  Those are fabulous and fun things to do.  But before you launch into “nesting” mode, make sure the “bones” of your home ownership experience are solid with the right insurance program.

We’ve done this a time or two.  Let us help you with the parts that may be new and confusing.  Once that’s wrapped up, the really great stuff can begin!

For a complimentary review, call us at 610-530-0304 (Pennsylvania residents only)


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